Thursday, June 3, 2010

We celebrated Sullivan's third birthday this weekend.
I'm not sure I can really put into words how relieved we have felt this spring - but it was just amazing to be able to celebrate with him.
He had so much fun hanging out in the sprinkler with cousins and friends, and the pure joy we witnessed was unbelievable.
His laugh is pretty ridiculous - if you haven't heard it you are missing out. Really.
Not to gush about my own son, but after this journey of his, he deserves some kudos. It was the start of a new chapter for us. Putting surgeries and extended hospital stays behind us - moving forward and enjoying this kid that we have been entrusted with. Our big guy!


Lisa said...

Hi Sarah! Thank you for your comment and advice. I visited your blog a while back via Jane's list but I wish I was here more recently so I could have been praying for you guys these last few months. My Magdalena had open heart surgery at 4 1/2 months old and I can only imagine how much harder that would be as a toddler. I can see how this last surgery would carry additional concerns for Sullivan. So glad to hear that you made it through! Hope you have a great summer!

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