Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day...
It's in the same category as New Year's for me.
A holiday with much anticipation but not much pay out, if you will...
Most of the time, I feel like I'm a pretty easy going gal...
this holiday turns me into a nightmare, though.
I talk up how it doesn't mean anything...I don't need gifts and flowers...
but without fail, every single year I get mad and throw a tantrum.
Like a 2 year old.
Over not getting all the things I say I don't want in the first place.
So let's run over the day - full of things from my husband's heart...
that way I can hear how crazy I am.
1. He made us all breakfast - oatmeal with toasted walnuts and maple syrup.
2. He took Sullivan out grocery shopping so that I could have a couple hours to myself AND THEN I went to the spa to have a facial and massage (a birthday gift from my mom) and he sat at home.
3. He went to Target tonight to pick up diapers and then stopped and got Tiffin takeout for dinner for us to enjoy.

And my first question after all of this? "I guess you're not too into cards even, this year, huh?"
It shames to even put this down...kind of admitting to an awful habit. (I pick split-ends, while I'm spilling my guts...if you see me, stop me.)

Anyway, the same thing happened to me last week while talking with a good friend. I was actually COMPLAINING about my life at home, and in the middle of talking about Nothing - really nothing...I was able to talk out the things that my sweet husband does. All the time.
Waking up every morning with our son - making him breakfast, getting him dressed and off to school.
He does the (most of the) laundry and more than often does the grocery shopping. (He saves more money - really.)
He washes the dishes and makes lunches for all three of us almost every evening.
I could go on - for a while. Looking at the above, I wonder what I contribute!
With both of us working full-time, we are both exhausted and stressed out a lot. But he does SO much for both Sullivan and me and most of it goes unappreciated.
WORLD! David Lowing is an amazing and loving husband and father and Sullivan and I are blessed and lucky to have the privilege of knowing and loving him!