Friday, November 21, 2008

so it's not harder or easier....just different.
although I do miss the days of doing whatever whenever....although it didn't feel like it at the time. but there's no putting 23 kids into cribs and running to the bathroom in an emergency. you just have to sit it out and wait.
no work today, though! gotta love those "sick" days....
(I have a feeling that all the days I take off will be more for the son than for me....I guess that's pretty normal...)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

busy busy busy
harder than being a stay-at-home mom? a working mom.
hands down.
I don't know what people do when they have many kids and two parents working.
Fortunately I have a handsome partner in crime.... wakes up with Sullivan, they have breakfast together, and he takes him to school every day. I get to pick him up and hang out in the afternoon - we make dinner together and eat as a little family in the new house. As we figure out the routine of it all it gets easier.
Kindergarten is fun and kind of crazy. 23 five year olds. And me. Learning how to read and write and play with our friends. And how to flush the toilet and wash our hands. They can be pretty cute.
I voted today...that felt good. So excited to see how things go.... I loved driving to work this morning... so many people lined up outside of schools and libraries... people that had never cared about voting before. Anyway, it's in the air.... I love it.
(And I'll try really hard to not say I told you so.)
Although I think I just did.