Tuesday, April 15, 2008

always something to worry about.
granted, my son, after time spent in the hospital and recovering at home (unable to lay on his stomach) has missed out on almost 2 months of tummy time. that's like me being bound to bed for 6 years, or something...is that math right?
so I shouldn't be surprised that he's not crawling around yet. right?
you'd think.
instead, I find myself comparing him to the other kids his age....they're almost walking...
still he sits....rolls....sort of scrunches around with his toes when he really wants to get something. (usually just food gets him moving.)
anyway, I just want to have grace for him...instead I find myself getting frustrated with him and (how awful) feeling embarrassed that my baby isn't doing what the others are!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sullivan and I just successfully completed our first cross-country trip.
we flew out to LA super-early on the morning of the 24th and took a red-eye flight that got in at 6am on Tuesday morning.

some thoughts/highlights:
1. My packing for the plane was in vain. A napkin and the people around were enough to keep him happy for a 5 hour flight.
2. He loved his cousins (and they loved him).
3. The change of scenery couldn't have come at a better time. Just what we needed.
4. I think a move to a more gentle climate is in order. I hate cold weather.

Anyway, the trip was super fun.