Friday, January 15, 2010

creative much?

So this is what I've been spending my energy doing....
which is also why our house, literally, has cobwebs which I notice every time I walk up the stairs and fully intend to rid the house of this weekend.
1. Science fair project for kindergartners..."What kind of drinks are good for our teeth?" Riveting and earth shaking, to say the least.
2. Classroom design and organization. How to have room for 22 kids, 4 tables, and 10 center spots?? The never-ending question. Hopefully the addition of a kidney bean shaped table and the subtraction of my 1920s huge wooden desk will aid in the quest.
3. Arranging markers in strategic places in the room. And making sure that some are saved from the dirty hands of children.
4. Trying to come up with positive things to say about the writing of 18 children who don't know how to write. (This may be a good reason to NEVER buy battery operated toys for my child - kids have no imagination anymore...)
5. Creating new and exciting pointers for students to use so that they can "Read and Write the Room," during centers. The latest? Velour flowers from the dollar section of Target.
6. Word Webs. Each more colorful and beautiful than the last.

Once in a while something delicious comes out of the kitchen (and then we eat it 4 nights out of the week - leftovers are a working mom's savior). And Sullivan's room is looking pretty cute these days, but pretty much all of that is due to David's diligence and hard work.

Two more bonuses? A new storm door, which now enables to sit on the couch (gasp!!) without an arctic blast chilling us to the bone. And a new roof which will halt the crumbling of our son's bedroom ceiling.