Saturday, August 30, 2008

We decided today that Sullivan needed a little new season sprucing up.
We took him for his very first haircut.
Although he did cry (loudly) throughout the process, the lady did say that he was an angel compared with a lot of the kids that pass through the horsey seat.
Anyway, it's amazing how it aged him. He's a real kid now!

Before....all that golden hair!

Not too sure about this business....(I'm trying to distract him with a Wheels on the Bus rendition.)

Big Boy haircut!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I always think of all the good stuff to write when I'm in the shower.
But then it disappears....
down into the drain with the soap suds.
I was struck by inspiration not once but twice today....I totally forget what.
And tonight I was out with a friend, and when I pulled out my wallet...well...there was no wallet to pull out.
And drinks were on her.

Where does this mind go?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Part of the fun (maybe the only fun part) of buying a house is deciding how you want to decorate it. Sullivan and I have collected paint samples from all over Montgomery County - Lowes, Home Depot, Benjamin Moore....who knew there were so many different decisions? Even a shade of white - there are like, thousands to choose from. Is it a warm shade or a cool shade? Too blue or too yellow?
Oh my lord and the kitchen. It seriously hasn't been touched (painted, upgraded...) since 1945. No joke. They might have put down some peel and stick tiles around 1976, judging from the color and pattern. The blank slate is quite inspiring, actually. David has been especially (so sorry) cute with his diagrams and movable pieces drawn to scale. It's just a whole new phase of a relationship - what's our aesthetic? It's really exciting to bring together two different backgrounds and interests (and some common ones, I mean, we've lasted for what....7 years?) and see what you come up with. I've been thinking of a name for ours. With little luck. But it might catch'll have to stop by late October and decide for yourself.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A long day at CHOP and a sad boy, but the news was good so we're thankful and relieved. David and I went into the procedure room with him - David held him as they put the gas to his nose and helped the doctor get him onto the bed. That part always makes me tear up.
Anyway, we've been super into the Olympics this year, especially watching Michael Phelps, and it always makes me think about little Sullivan. I think part of the mourning, in a sense, with his heart, is that he really won't be able to get up and just do whatever he wants. He'll have to be aware of his own limitations and be smart about his physical activity. I don't want to place those restrictions on him, though. I want him to be able to pursue what he wants, but I just want him to be well-informed. So we watch these crazy Olympians, and I wonder what story Sullivan will have to tell someday. I love the little human-interest clips. Phelps and his breakfast, Kristy Walsh and her engagement ring, the 32 year old gymnast competing for Germany because of her son's health....will he have a tale like that someday?
So the news today was good. His cardiologist said that he could confidently say that his heart is performing at 100% of its ability. When Dr. Rychik explains what he looks at on the echo, the anatomy that he describes is totally foreign to me....his heart is so uniquely crafted...they've closed things, opened things, repaired arches, spliced veins and arteries to make new ones. It's all really quite amazing.

Friday, August 8, 2008

If you didn't see the 6 inch scar on his little chest, you might think that sullivan was just another 14 month old. (and he is)
These days, I don't spend a whole of time thinking about the intricicies of his heart, but every once in a while we have reminders.
Because of some of those reminders, Sullivan's cardiologist requested that we come in on Monday morning for a sedated echocardiogram. While I'm grateful for the technology that allows his doctors such a detailed view of his tiny little heart, to think about our little sweetie being put to sleep to allow them to do so, is almost too much.
I was so glad that our visits to the doctor had become less and less frequent, but this step is just a precaution so that we have a better picture of "the whole" picture.
He's making so much progress - cruising, fine motor skills, his inferior pincer problem (oy vey). It's hard not to see this as a set-back. Another long day in a waiting room? Holding a sedated baby, waiting for him to wake up from an unwanted nap? Ugh.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I guess kind of a lot has been going on.
  • House stuff is going well - we're waiting to see if they will make the repairs we'd like.
  • Job search is still in full-swing. I got a very cryptic message from the Philadelphia recruitment office. Apparently they have a psychic on staff. It read, "You will soon have a position."
  • Sullivan is just as cute as ever. I hate to be the parent who gushes, which is why I never do. While some struggle with an inflated view of their child(ren) I am struggling to get over my low expectations of my own. Maybe it's a way of dealing with disappointments? Not that I'm disappointed in him.... just in things. How they've turned out, I suppose. Anyway, the past two weeks have been full of these little milestones for him - it's so encouraging to see him proud of himself and figuring things out. Like stacking his blocks, turning pages, identifying characters in the book, emptying and refilling everything, climbing up anything. He prefers to keep his cup in the cup holder on the tray, and hates anything superfluous sitting around. He's quite the character.
Anyway, all that to say...things are good. Busy, but good.